• heard heart

     sculpted with word

    and in a hollow bodied chord

    or a silent board of teachers

    the glamorous steeple of our people

    in hands, fingers and toes,

    in love, light, and crows

    that came to tell me 

     it wasn’t there

    without my making it!

    taking it to the next bear

    that roared in fear of what was near

    believe me dear

    i don’t believe

    i don’t believe in gears shifting with out pairs

    two and from

    three and come


    pitching shift

    shifting, hey 

    you must be kidding


    pardon me

    possibly maybe probably

    i’ve looked into another 

    and all the while

    the berries dried

    into time

    out of time

    in and out seems to be the tree

    to the fruit and the bee

    and universally

    explicitly explicatory

  • spotted Santa on my morning walk through erfurt. thank you franz melhose for the fun show last night! now back to berlin for some r&r!

  • thank you New York! Sold out show at rock wood last night :) now some much needed rest ❤

  • the view from my childhood bedroom :: and winters first snow for these excited eyes! ❤

  • the pines from my child hood yard. above::grow below

  • i found a place

    inside a triangle

    where all things point up

    no matter which side we lay in

  • my thumb has a way of looking

    i am quite certain of uncertainty

    all this language funny business

    clean sneakers destiny is dirt, if lived.

    folding paper

    sitting around a language I don’t understand

    a force or acceptance

    sound checked,

    instantly last.

    forged authenticity


    one can slip, away.

  • Traumatic day :: had to get immediate surgery from an infection in my finger. Will likely have to cancel all upcoming shows. :( stay tuned…

  • last night I announced on stage in Stuttgart that I needed a couch to sleep on :: ask and you shall receive! #fearless #hannaleess #grateful #strangersarefriends #humansareincrediblecreatures

  • today is an anniversary from last years today

    the meaning is beyond meaning

    and my belly is full of pizza.

    shower towering fruit

    cleaning the grease of proof

    i can’t believe it

    i really don’t try

    to speak intellectually

    regretfully so

    i also know

    that wherever this comes from

    is an attempt at pattern

    pat pat pat

    the sound of rhythm

    i like that!

  • back stage butterflies #georgeezra #hannaleess #köln #livemusichall

  • soundcheck with doubtingthomas :: we will be performing at neue heimat :: 21:00 :: international illustrators :: live visuals :: join us!!! ❤

  • there were tunnels and places to go through

    and the stillness wasn’t mad

    to catch in the rhythm…

    i’m remembering time

    in a way that doesn’t not

    or not does.

    and in what dream did it cast

    a bridge, or group, 

    or proof

    that we all dropped our heads!

    i just got out of bed,

    and intended to only remember my dreams

    and write them down,

    but instead i thought 

     let them go

    and i didn’t know

     that maybe i don’t want to write a poem today.

  • spent the whole day making over 100 CDs :: playing 2 sold out 1500 capacity shows this week :: preparation nation. #hotoffthepress #hannaleess #myhandsaretired #handoverhanna #iloveyou

  • 25th anniversary :: fall of the Berlin Wall :: release and rejoice. I really do love this city.

  • it was a circular place

    and each man had his face

    for sure it would explore the way

    we turn

    but i can’t burn 

    my way into history

    making lists of having.

    this isn’t pretend

    or its all pretend

    as i attend

     a beat inside my chest

    that almost fell out of my mouth


    putting it back where it belongs

    the long way it passed through me in an instant

    but its foreverness togetherness

    isn’t something i have to miss


    glistening pages i’ve written

    that i can’t quite meet

    to beat this urge away

    in a grey blue tide


    at the right place to push it

    push it the right….


    running paths of leaves

    drifting hits


    drifting hits me almost

    but its not the same 

    as a game where we have to meet somewhere in the end first

    my birth had nothing to do

    with your thirst

    in a time capsule made for travel to the moon

    that is just as bright as it is gloomy.

    how can you imagine this

    can you imagine this

    left over plates

    newness is a lie

    change is my alibi

    i love you

    i adore you

    forgive this misfortune

    accept the contortion

    of your holy grace

    forgiveness to self is all that can be given.

  • anniversary

    one year ago today i showed up at the warschauer s-bahn station with more luggage than i felt i could carry up three lengthy flights of stairs. i looked around to see no one there to help anymore. scared shitless! :: one of the most compulsive decision i had ever made… to sporadically leave my lover in iceland, hop on a plane to germany instead of new york, and land in a city where i knew virtually no one besides a gracious couple that i met at a show that provided me with shelter until i could stand on my own. berlin has made me grow up and stay young all at once. it showed me how to groove in exhaustion with my most primal steps, and how to hone in my craft during the dark hours of winter, while still getting to play with anyone and everyone around willing to co-create something, anything, anytime. i’ve met my best friend and drummer, who has allowed me to stand tall and proud holding a guitar, and singing out whatever the fuck i please. my friends and lovers have taught me that even a stranger can hold outstanding support, and just because you are far away from your history, doesn’t mean you are ever alone, in any sense of the word world. as i sit here reflecting on this whirlwind, i am thanking each and every person that has written their way into my story. love love love 

  • i notice my dreams

    interpretation has been before control

    noise montana

    writing with the smoke joke

    i know it’s easier

    to do

    when you crease your face up and down

    and tears roll from a drum roll padum

    i’ll be there waving

    thank you!

    i’ve crushed before

    and each time the weight

    is probably equal

    even though i swear it’s not! ::

    so i’ll clean my room

    with a broom


    hitting the floor

    wanting more

    but clean it up

    thats the way it goes.

    nick drake to wake



    honey bun

    sugar pie

    fucking fuck


  • i found the loneliness inside of a stone could be shared with a stranger

  • thinking

    going away

    harness a barn


    i got lost

    in a few switches of the arm.

    in love 

    we are alone

    in weariness i find no hue.

    catching pray stacks

    in destinies message

    bringing your eyes

    into modern view


    profanity. i know about

    so you laugh

    we laugh 

    i do it for blue. 

  • my bass player amitai takes the best selfles :: let it be known

  • last night i had a dream i was a civilian in russian war. streets flooded with people and gun fires, skies covered with bombing planes. i didn’t know my surroundings, i didn’t know where to hide. i didn’t want to die, but there was no where to go. so i ran around telling everyone i loved them in case that was the last thing i could say, or the last thing they would hear. {wake up}