• sunny trees come and meet me
    it hasn’t been too long
    neither too short
    in fact just right
    tightly wound bound not by time
    but by mind

  • last day for #hannaleess record tracking in #crabstudio before california #comingsoon #hashtag

  • show tonight :: berlin :: bar bobu 21:oo :: müggelstr 9 :: yeehaw!

  • smoothing lines in time for supper

    i made a tea, talked to another

    giving up whilst giving in

    stranger times must have been…

    chocolate cake, drunken music

    kitchen shelves, lonely proving

    that angels kissed the darkness

    so the departed knew where they came from.

    and just like this i’ve seen her ride

    from the storm,

    into his arms

    from whats born

    into his charm

    that could hold her only for a moment.

    humble holy hills of merry

    took time to climb to the top

    back, me ready to be caught

    try not to hesitate when the appetite is sought.

    application happens

    i couldn’t resist mind matters

    influencing fluency of ripe thoughts

    awaiting intermittent behavioral soup

    warm enough to comfort

    strong enough to gratify

    the darkest urge

    which was always the densest meat,

    i want to be vegetarian.

    protection in a candle for the things i couldn’t handle

    stamp marking

    damp parking

    where i alone jumped ship to ditch the idea of a hitched sorrow

    and its been mostly just in writing.

    a map of the brain,

    i’ve navigated without analyzing

    to find meaning with out meaning to

    at the edge of reason, what lies beneath?

    at the edge of reason, where is my seat?

    skin reformation, jungle deforestation

    rebuild :: the gift of the destruction, the fire

    it’s production

    as chaos touches me seductively.

  • some grow up and others grow into

    if you were a tree

    you just might be,

    growing tall but

    if you were a bee

    in and out exploring

    and taking without any doubt

    the sweetness in the harvest

    attraction may draw

    its beauty in your eyes

    in hope, raw as honey.

    frogs have a way of being something different

    when they were born in the water

    and then hop for instance

    goosebumps may rise

    as quickly as surprise

    do your eyes tell you this?

    donkey ears straight up like a mountain

    stacks of things becoming like fountains

    up and up, why goes high?

    some things grow up

    and others grow by.

    giraffes you can tell

    have a very special spell

    where their necks reach things

    that their hands can’t feel…

    sometimes i think

    i know just how to sink

    to the places i cant touch

    or places that weigh too much.


    I’m pretty sure

    that snowflakes didn’t mean

    to make a blanket

    when they were all alone

    but when they fell down together

    they painted the whole town

    in white! How pure!

    How quiet! I concur!

    So i’m turning into a blue wish

    rivers become oceans

    sleep into motion

    silence into sound

    words into nouns

    me oh my!

    some things grow up

    and others grow by.

  • hair salon

    ambient attraction

    out takes break open the intake

    fluffy buffy shine

    love conditioner

    final appearance changing

    gold ceilings

    sun beaming

    into view on the stone floor





    hand waves goodbye from a window.

    rolling ankles

    folding hands

    she leaves in her red dress with a card.

    whispers from the sink

    glances at the brink

    of judgement.

    opening and closing

    to see the color change of time.

    blue boots

    three tschüss

    one statement of exit.

    as i type

    the strands are tightly

    woven in foil


    a statement

  • as you can see I am fully alert and energized for my show tonight at bar bobu! 9pm. #hannaleess #berlin #hopeyoulikethepipesalittlerusty

  • i started to imagine imagining. i was watching a crowd of people below, as i sat on a triangle wooden step. particularly two people on the floor, an older woman, hair grey, and with my own judgement surprised to find her here. another young man, dressed in orange and wearing sporty glasses, whose presence was equally as boyish, as it was rooted.  both were separately moving their bodies, expressing, or externally internalizing, traveling so deeply inward in a very outward, public setting. there was a silence within the boom, space to learn, and take in by looking rather than coming up with something to say. 

    her chest moved tight. she convulsed her arms to shake it out, thawing each body part as she moved her way, waking up. he was loose, so in tune with his spark that every moment was a succession of the other and it took him a few minutes to realize that she had gone out of her way to bring him some water, waiting cautiously, or curiously for him to notice her care. i saw him take a sip, so honestly, and looked away.

    two days ago i was on a train and i started to draw a picture of where i would like to be. that if i could see it, i could write it. rather than a subconscious attempt with coincidence. i was speaking with a friend just the other day of how i’d love to write a novel, or at least a long piece of literature, and i laughed it off saying i couldn’t possibly come up with enough to say on the same topic, or follow the same story when writing with a brain that fires like a loose cannon taking each breath as a new catalyst for perspective.

    i started to imagine imagining. a wooded path became so bright as the alignment trickled through every spontaneous branch until the green rays of my own eye bursted. i felt the steps of spring closer than before as relief became acceptance.

  • this is a picture of an east german couch shop closed for sunday

  • Sound check at the melkweg! My visual show comes alive tonight. 9pm #amsterdam #melkweg #hannaleess #tomosander

  • dream state

    strange dreams :: of being trapped at a boarding school having to produce six conceptual galleries with a computer based software daily. I was ill, they knew, and it was my fault. people were pissing into the water supply. 

    there was a constant interplay and sometimes distortion of reality and creation, the kind you made with a paper and pen or color and sound and voices exchanging, into the program. and then there was what was happening around you. this difference often times became the catalyst of anxiety and restlessness. 

    i kept changing roles from being the student and the teacher. feeling young and wild, and old with too many responsibilities to carry depending upon the moment and its attributions. each time this wave passed I looked out a window to see the ocean and continued. 

  • love getting inspiring quotes from the one and only Doug Leess, my fathah

  • webs of magnitude

    caves paved

     phase graved
    howling in a room
    in the moon 
    pulling tides
    a current so strong and mighty
    it binded me inside
    by a voice so shrill and decided
    and i, a season
    making soft snowflakes for my own
    cold bright night
    when the sound of april counted
  • i should have told you

    but you wouldn’t have listened because your lips were so thirsty that your eyes became blind
    and i am not tamed nor controlled either
    running like water around river rocks, thrashing against the ones with weight
    i act
    while some shield deflects 
    i can feel
    with all the ways in which moods project color movies inside my mind
    intuition stronger than rationality
    four teeth pulled
     i don’t know where i’m supposed to stand
    or how to understand
    we’re supposed to have a certain way
    of proving oneself
    of getting along
    of finding the right lover
    of singing the right song
    oh rhyming has timing and i can certaintly attest
    that all this is nonsense
    tomorrow will press
    a new book for writing and all i will see
    is a future with possible notation 
    and a pragmatic me
    that mournfully knows love wouldn’t be worth a damn thing
    without any risk
  • one year ago i wrote this song to enter into the new year as a strong being accepting the pain and the happiness whichever may occur :: without shame, allowing grace to be the tying thread to all that may weave through, to become a blanket of memory as warm as it’s soft, as dark as it’s empty.

  • mission complete

    to meet has been

    lack lust’s rust,

    s'and separating

    pieces from a rock

    lock, the expression

    moment’s confession

    two eyes, one look

    of manual made

    to fade, time

    has the bind,of loss.

    three crosses

    surprise tosses of a coin

    which took a head

    which looked ahead 

    instead of how now

    to choose to blend

    hunt, a need i certainly

    never oppressed






  • happy holidays & solstice everybody!! love from a christmas hanna banana inside a dressing room of santa’s german elves!