• some grow up and others grow into

    if you were a tree

    you just might be,

    growing tall but

    if you were a bee

    in and out exploring

    and taking without any doubt

    the sweetness in the harvest

    attraction may draw

    its beauty in your eyes

    in hope, raw as honey.

    frogs have a way of being something different

    when they were born in the water

    and then hop for instance

    goosebumps may rise

    as quickly as surprise

    do your eyes tell you this?

    donkey ears straight up like a mountain

    stacks of things becoming like fountains

    up and up, why goes high?

    some things grow up

    and others grow by.

    giraffes you can tell

    have a very special spell

    where their necks reach things

    that their hands can’t feel…

    sometimes i think

    i know just how to sink

    to the places i cant touch

    or places that weigh too much.


    I’m pretty sure

    that snowflakes didn’t mean

    to make a blanket

    when they were all alone

    but when they fell down together

    they painted the whole town

    in white! How pure!

    How quiet! I concur!

    So i’m turning into a blue wish

    rivers become oceans

    sleep into motion

    silence into sound

    words into nouns

    me oh my!

    some things grow up

    and others grow by.