• in the near present past future, three flowers met at the sea to become one musical entity.

    within each peak and valley was a lengthening that met motion to be wide alive, inside the ocean.

    as i had before i stayed on top of the floor of the movement and in it i found that between a line is a circle thats big enough to fit everyone and everything.

  • in an open sea a broken ship set sail to  prevail that winds could send a torn yet solemn tapestry towards the sun. like a breath holding to push, like a drop sliding to touch, inching at the brink of its sink, knowing full well there would be a world to explore below. Even if it meant goodbye to the sky for a while, even if the parts broke to float, drifting without missing. the whole would be the sea, not the ship. and if the ships mast cast its last dash the waves would know that forward could mean backward, and backward could be touching the edge of the sand, to understand its match, the land.

  • Rising star Hanna Leess tonight at Bobu :: stage time 9pm :: I will embody the miniature version of myself albeit wiser and larger shoe size 👠

  • i have fallen from the depths of space

    and i have called to the ghosts from another day

    can’t they hear me i wish they would show their face

    hidden thoughts i’ll take to my grave

    and if the bright light defined me in the dark

    with the wisdom i  could relieve in art

    traveling up just to wind down

    find the circle shining above the crown

    holding pictures

    do not take

    deep in your grip

    that will not break

    invisible moon

    pulling tides

    spinning webs

    with the dark side

    so fall in love

    with any old eyes

    that holds a view

    to be true for a while

    and  with that warmth

    you can believe in any hue

    painting flowers

    from the hurt

    watering with your blues

  • my room mate lee and I painted each other for our bedroom doors. #winteractivities

  • last day of mixing for the first ever Hanna Leess record :: channeling my inner Ganesh :: coming to you this spring! Are you as eggcited as I am? I hope tho!!! #hannaleess

  • lined paper reminder

    to be with my own chemistry

     with the stars

    a machine climactic

    ringing clear

    pink portraits

    to the sun and moon

    beaming belief

    before breaks stopped to buffer

    the rusting glamour

    as fast as we can move with time

    blowing us all away

    in a look

    while i scribble scrutinous squares

    across a prolific or pathetic page

    pampered by ink

    and thrown away.

  • weathered season wears her pearls in patterned chains

    just to see the wind giving  voice to leaves

    pulp between my teeth

    as moments that matter


    bloom in front view

    so adam and every apple

    plant seeds to crackle pop

     footsteps along castles

    climbing to crop the top.

    i done been there

    on the stairs

    and in the tiny hairs

    protecting reflection

    neglecting projection

    saying ole, hey, today!

    i hear the slap of the boat in the water

    taking off with other hands

    candy flavored thoughts of lead

    pulp between my teeth

    as moments that matter


    bloom in morning dew.

  • i saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, i saw the sign

  • stage fashion :: turn that towel into a head castle #straend #hannaleess #live thanks @tomosander for the 📷

  • just another day of smile measuring here at crab studio. we run a tight ship #crabstudio #tightship #tomoisblowingintothevaccuum #percussion #musiciseverywhere #tapyoshit #hashingatwork #options

  • i lay in the dark hours of the morning so lost inside my own orbit that i would have rather been a stone.

    deep within that stone darkness there is a light that wants to find me.

    everything  divine

    deep within my darkness there is a light that wants to find me

    with emptiness as my own blanket.

    taken from the wild

     before scarcity was written

    as the deep hum surfaced

    i sat on the stone steps this morning outside the old cathedral watching the sunrise paint the city with hope in the color of red, wondering if anyone had stopped to see around instead of the path and the ground and the murmurs trapped inside the solitude of man. if once they saw her beauty, they would feel drawn to share it with those around them.

  • Heidelberg was a wonderful audience last night :: my morning walk was filled with wonder and joy, until next time! 🍻🐝

  • in chaos, and every emotional static, scattered light pours, in eyes open, eyes shut, in a beat of warmth in the strike of the cold

  • summer look #fashion #morefashion #fashioneverywhere #fashioneveryday

  • from the wooden seats we meet
    at dawns yawn
    like a chord echoing
    in a room where
    paints sit in the corner
    having not yet met their beholder
    but even the faintest stroke
    from a string
    carried its way
    to make a difference.

    woven in orange and red,
    lent warmth leaving
    but ever inviting
    printing, vanishing in one.

    could it have stayed if my eyes were shut?

    and in that way, not willing to keep
    hold or pause, i could not
    even when it felt civilized
    to stay in the buzz about above
    to lay in the growl about below
    in all the dead ashes
    giving birth to the dirt covered in snow.

    circumstanced glance
    giving meaning to
    nothing, doesn’t wait.

  • after a long day in the studio this sure is a pretty view to come home to

  • dream :: 5.22.15

    i got chosen for a save the world mission
    that would take 110 years in space,  but only 3 minutes on earth
    the longing, loss
    sensory sensations depleted
    i would have to miss him for 110 years, but to him it was only 3 minutes
    everyone knew i was leaving
    nostalgically traveling through my past…

    i saw my grandmother
    i asked if anyone but me could see her

    i knew she died 10 years ago
    when i asked, a man yelled at me for interrupting and picked up the phone

    my grandmother was cleaning around the house
    and my mother was there watching her,  annoyed that she had started working on things around the house with out her asking
    all three of us stubborn, acting on our own will without the consent of others
    i knew the trip was coming, alarm

    i entered a large stone room, the smell
    the smell of summer camp
    when i was equally weary of entering, as i then was distracted
    it was always difficult leaving comfort
    we tried to project old images on the wall but instead there were just crackled sound and unfit chords.

    i was in a classroom
    i was the teacher, filling in
    the room was in chaos, and another teacher walked in the room to help and i reminded him that i could handle it and he need not intervene
    i did, the students listened
    a circle of friends stood beside me and i became the student
    i told them how much more fun it is to be in school once i knew it didn’t mean anything because i had already graduated university and i didn’t need to be there
    enjoyment, not for some prize or idea of success,
    having no end point
    having no reason
    the root of my happiness.

  • sitting in distance
    for the piece that was missing
    deep in the way you hear
    birds remind
    in this perplexity
    that hasn’t changed
    except for you
    when the clue
    was hidden inside your own dang shoe!

    in the other room
    until you enter
    it wasn’t there
    or it was
    but because you left
    it had its way with the wind
    that didn’t pretend to do anything
    but sing
    in the way
    that knew to run
    anything pulled.

    it’s no history
    without a his story
    and it is no mystery
    with out a myst eery enough
    to shake the bones
    that were made in an instant of attraction
    so strong to make the magnitude of
    left overs

  • footage from berlin after the war. not a building left undamaged.  you can still feel the rebirthing here. incredible documentation

  • in honor of international lip day #makeyourownholiday #productivity

  • flyer fairy #hannaleess #april30 #6roseave #venice #california

  • home made flyers ready to be flurried around Venice #recycle #old #drawings #hannaleess #venice #california #coffeeactivities